Diamond blade for green concrete

Diamond saw blade for green concrete cutting

In the contemporary market there are many different kinds of blades for green concrete cutting. However, the customer is choosy! You want a high quality product for a reasonable price. The question is, how do you choose the right blade for you? How can you tell the difference between a good and middling quality blade without trying it? Would it interest you if we could prove that the blades we offer can cut twice as much as any other for the same price?

In order to choose the most efficient, reasonably-priced diamond blade for green concrete cutting in 2006-2008 our company conducted a survey in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia. Joints were cut the day after the concrete floors were poured. The results were evaluated and improvements were made to the diamond blade. 

To evaluate the lifetime of the blade, the area of the cut was estimated.


If there was cut by a blade:
800 linear metres, cut depth – 4 cm and 400 linear metres, cut depth – 8 cm.
The total cut area was 64 m2.

(800m x 0,04m = 32 m2 + 400m x 0,08m = 32 m2)

The result cited below was achieved with reference to this calculation.
The cut area of the 350mm diameter blade which we offer is an amazing 75 m² of fibre-reinforced concrete. It is about 5500 - 6000 m² floor area when distance between joints 6 m.

Investigations prove that in comparison with other blades of well-known manufacturers, the diamond blade we offer decreases cutting expenditure by 20 % and could be by as much as 50 %.  
Don’t just take our word for it - see for yourself!

Calculate how many sq.m. you can cut with the blade you are using at present and then try the blade we offer.

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